Perfalytics is now Generally Available

After being in beta for several months, Perfalytics is now generally available. 

Perfalytics is my attempt to bring a new approach to database performance. Perfalytics integrates directly with your database to collect detailed performance information about your queries. Based on this information, Perfalytics then makes recommendations on how to optimize your queries.

I built the initial version of Perfalytics at my previous company Heap. I lead the database team there and we had a hard time optimizing our database. We had ~1PB of data across dozens of Postgres instances and didn’t have a good sense of why things were slow. After I built the initial version of Perfalytics, we were able to get a solid understanding of what queries were slow and what we could do to make them faster. Now I’m working on bringing the value provided by Perfalytics to everyone.

If you want to try out Perfalytics or are interested in learning more about it, drop me a line at

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