About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Michael Malis. Everything you read here are things that I’ve personally found interesting. I’ve covered everything from how to write fizzbuzz in an esoteric programming language, to my approach for becoming a better programmer.

Right now I’m running my own startup, Freshpaint. Freshpaint is a YC-backed company that automatically collects data from your website. You can then send that data to your favorite marketing and analytics tools without writing any code.

My background is a bit of a weird one. I graduated High School back in 2015. Immediately after that I moved to San Francisco to start working at Heap. I worked at Heap for three years where I was the primary person responsible for managing the performance of their Postgres cluster with over a petabyte of data. While there, my team and I shipped multiple projects that saved Heap over a million dollars and improved performance by order of magnitude. I left Heap in April of 2019 to start Freshpaint.

If you want to contact me, my email is michael@freshpaint.io.